[swb-public] Introduction

Susan Sons hedgemage at binaryredneck.net
Wed Apr 5 18:26:03 UTC 2017

Welcome to the madhouse. ;)

Things have been fairly quiet here so far, but I for one am pretty easy
to find:

General info: http://security.engineering
IRC:  HedgeMage on OFTC and Freenode, I run a beginner-friendly infosec
channel on OFTC in #grokmenot
Mastodon aka OStatus/GNUsocial: HedgeMage at maly.io

I'll try to phase out Twitter usage over time, but I'm @HedgeMage there
if needed.


  Susan Sons
  hedgemage at binaryredneck.net

On Wed, Apr 5, 2017, at 12:38, Carmelo Mill?n S?nchez wrote:
> Hi
> I'm and old-school programmer, actually working as a network
> administrator for the Spanish Government. I would like to collaborate
> because  I think this initiative could be very useful.
> My knowledges need to be refreshed ;)
> Kind regards
> Enviado desde mi iPad
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