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Martin L. Fällman martin.fallman at civilrightsdefenders.org
Mon Jan 2 13:40:39 UTC 2017

I'm thinking that a group like SWB could act as an advanced research resource with few or no requirement to keep within a certain frame or direction. I'm not saying Citizen Lab has a bad approach, but SWB could be more agile and, in a sense, "adversarial" than they are able to be due to what they are--a university lab. 

If you permit a somewhat terrible analogy, it's like how Doctors Without Borders are more agile than university hospital researchers working on battlefield trauma care. 


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> > Also there is a *ton* of possibilities to harness IR, forensic and
> > malware research skills into powerful advocacy tools. For example,
> > Citizen Lab does excellent malware research, but they dont really
> > produce the kind of hard-hitting reports that SWB could help local
> > organizations develop.
> Can you elaborate on this point? I'm interested in understanding more what
> you mean.
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