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evilsocket evilsocket at protonmail.com
Tue Jan 3 13:10:14 UTC 2017

I would like to initiate some more practical discussions about things to do.

Finally! :P

1. Would people be interested in working collectively on this?

Absolutely, having bleeding edge news would be priceless in order to focus our efforts where there's more need of it.

2. What would the best way to coordinate this effort?

3. What's the best platform to produce and publish such a resource?

The main problems would be news aggregation from many different sources and verifying their validity, maybe some Reddit-like platform would be great, everyone (of a small group of trusted people at the beginning) could post info, then indict some sort of voting if needed, etc etc.

4. What format should be? A more regular long form? Or short and more

I think it really depends on the situation, so it would be good to have both of them.

frequent "alerts"?

Reddit-like platform ( see 2 and 3 ) -> per country reddit (just an example) -> subscribe -> alerts ... if we're gonna have per-country groups that would be a very good way of load balancing efforts for instance.
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