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Tue Jan 3 13:27:07 UTC 2017

I’m not sure about the “reddit-like” platform idea. Maybe something more agile, chat-centric, plus a shared pad to actually write it up (from templates, I’d imagine)? If we’re not aiming to set up a newswire service then verification will definitely take a back-seat to curation IMHO—there’s a ton of good, verified information that a lot of people simply never would find on their own.

(Or am I misunderstanding something? Reading evilsocket’s post again has me thinking the reddit-like would be the distribution rather than curation platform?)

I just meant some platform capable of aggregating any sort of news source and with some voting mechanism that we would use for different purposes, not strictly like reddit :)

Second, whatever platform we use I’d go for regional subdivision over country. In my experience there’s nearly always regional relevance to ICT/policy/security news.

I do not agree, example: "people in Turkey do not have access to certain websites or the whole internet", the (geographically) closer you're to them, more chances you'll have to know their actual infrastructure and what's the best approach to help them ... and this was just the first example that came into mind, when physical assistance is needed (lock down journalist laptop and mobile before he travels in some known to be hostile environment) regional subdivision is key.
Of course there're many cases where there's no need to be phisically close or to have country specific intel, these cases could be pushed to some "generic" channel/reddit/whatever.
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