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jm at mindless.com jm at mindless.com
Tue Jan 3 19:42:39 UTC 2017

Am glad I found the group, and am happy to help in whatever way I can.

I've been working in Information Security, in the broadest sense of the
term, for past 15 years, and am employed in the commercial sector.

I do some "pro-bono" work already in various communities, mostly around
user/parent/child education.

I think, based on what I've read, there needs to be a wish/priority/project
list drawn up, to determine what needs to be undertaken, and then people
can determine what (if any), they want to be involved with.

For those who are not already familiar with it, OWASP (
maintain a list (a big list), of projects they are actively working (or
sometimes they aren't being worked).  Perhaps something like that could be

>From my own perspective, I'd probably start with some basic policy
tools/templates, general infosec awareness, and then more specialised
knowledge dissemination around the threats and tools available.

I'd also like to see the original presentation (if anyone has any links).

Have a good day!
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