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Florian Probst swoborders at florian-probst.de
Tue Jan 3 19:59:01 UTC 2017

Hi Nex, 

Am 3. Januar 2017 12:42:29 MEZ schrieb Nex <lists at nex.sx>:
>Hello everyone,
>I would like to initiate some more practical discussions about things
>to do.
>I think one important component would be the creation and maintenance
>a regular or irregular newsletter or alert systems to aggregate
>information regarding security issues and ongoing attacks that might be
>relevant to the NGO community.
>1. Would people be interested in working collectively on this?

Yes, definitely.

>2. What would the best way to coordinate this effort?

Differentiate between regular news/information's and alerts.
News can be prepared in advance by a Person that has the relevant knowledge.
For alerts it makes sense that this is done by a small fixed group that can react quick.

"Mattermost" should be sufficient as a Platform for preparation (perhaps adding a task tracker as soon as available).

>3. What's the best platform to produce and publish such a resource?

Hmmm, perhaps EMail+Twitter+Webpage/Blog for more details?

>4. What format should be? A more regular long form? Or short and more
>frequent "alerts"?

Both :-)
For people that only consume the webpage/blog you need new entries every few days to keep them interested.

Email: Restrict to alerts and perhaps monthly newsletter.


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