[swb-public] Meeting in person?

Daniel dmv2109 at posteo.net
Wed Jan 4 13:07:11 UTC 2017


I'd like to add a more "old school" proposal; Let's meet in person to 
discuss all the questions that have come up over the last few days. What 
I have in mind is something like a day-long workshop somewhere in 
Europe, and mabye a second one in the US. I know that this will be 
difficult to organize but I think it would be beneficial in at least 
four ways:

(1) Trust: it's a lot easier to begin to build relationships of trust if 
you meet people in person.

(2) Motivation: from my experience with similar projects, people will be 
much more motivated to contribute to a look project like this for an 
extended period of time if they have met the people they have worked 

(3) Exchange with other organizations: if we organized such a workshop, 
we could invite people from other organizations to tell us about their 
experiences and what kind of assistance they would expect from an 
organization like swb. btw, a friend just told me about the "Tactical 
Technology Collectice" (https://tacticaltech.org/), which seems to 
pursue a very similar agenda.

(4) Visibility: swb can only help people if they know that the 
organization exists. To this end, we could combine internal discussions 
with some kind of public event.

What do you think?


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